How to Use the Easy Event Calendar

Read below for details on how to use our free Easy Event Calendar. The Easy Event Calendar is a super straightforward calendar template. For additional features such as color tagging of events, checkout our Deluxe Event Calendar.

The Monthly Calendar
Printing your Calendar
Frequently Asked Questions

The Monthly Calendar

Easy Event Calendar 2016 Excel Template - Jan Tab

Enter your events here.

eec-monthly-eventsType in your events in the boxes for each day. You can enter up to six events per day. Note: For automated features such as color tagging, check out the Deluxe Event Calendar.

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Printing Your Calendar

The Easy Event Calendar is already formatted to print! Each tab is designed to fit on 8.5 x 11 inch letter-size paper.

Easy Event Calendar 2017 Excel Template - Prints

Feel free to convert it to a pdf file before printing, or print it directly as an Excel file.

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