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How to Join Pieces of Text

There are two ways you can join text together. Well three I guess, if you count the manual way, which is to literally type out your joint text. But that’s just not very practical. Imagine you have 5,000 first names in one column, and 5,000 last names in the next column. Now imagine your boss […]

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Useful Text Functions: LEFT, RIGHT, and MID

In last week’s post, I started my discussion of text functions. If you don’t remember what a “text function” is, check out last week’s post to refresh your memory 🙂 Today’s functions are a little more complicated, but still very easy to grasp. I want to tell you about the LEFT, RIGHT, and MID functions. […]

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Useful Text Functions: UPPER, LOWER, and PROPER

There are a handful of text functions that I always seem to be using. These are all very simple but very helpful, and every time I show them to someone, I almost always get back something along the lines of “wow, cool!” So I thought I would share my most frequently used text functions in […]

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