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Paste Special Values

This is the final post of my three-part Paste Special Series. Last week, I talked about two types of paste special – paste special formats and paste special formulas. In this post, I’ll talk about paste special values. As I previously mentioned, I use one of these three almost every time I use paste special. […]

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Paste Special Formulas

This is the second part of my Paste Special Series, where I discuss the three most frequently used types of paste special – paste special formats, paste special formulas, and paste special values. In my last post I talked about paste special formats, and in today’s post I’ll discuss paste special formulas. I use paste […]

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Paste Special Formats

What the heck is “paste special” anyway? Well you probably already know about regular paste. Pasting is when you place something on your spreadsheet that you’ve previously copied or cut from somewhere else. If you wanted to make a duplicate of something, you would copy and paste (CTRL+C and CTRL+V). If you wanted to move […]

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