Shop Terms and Conditions

In order to list and sell your Excel templates on the Savvy Spreadsheets website (, you must apply to become a shop associate. Your application must be approved by Savvy Spreadsheets, and you must agree to the terms and conditions contained herein.

All templates submitted by you to Savvy Spreadsheets must be original and created by you. You must have full ownership rights to all of your templates.

You give Savvy Spreadsheets the right to upload and list your templates onto our website, and make your templates available for download and sale to the general public. You will retain ownership rights to all of the templates submitted by you.

No template may contain any malicious code or anything that is potentially harmful to those who upload, download, open, copy, save, or use the template in any way.

You have full responsibility for the functionality and performance of your templates, and any claims regarding the functionality and performance of your templates.

Savvy Spreadsheets will forward you any customer service emails related to using your templates. You will respond to these to the best of your ability and in a timely fashion.

Savvy Spreadsheets will pay you a percentage of the profit resulting from the sales of your templates. The percentage is the shop payout percentage specified in the shop application form. Profit is defined as net sales less any discounts and fees. Discounts may include periodic coupons given to specific customers or a group of customers for marketing or other purposes. Fees may include PayPal transaction fees, affiliate commission fees, or other fees associated with the sale.

Savvy Spreadsheets may approve or deny your application and/or your templates for any reason.

Savvy Spreadsheets may modify or remove content pertaining to your shop or templates on our website for any reason.

Savvy Spreadsheets may modify the shop terms and conditions at any time for any reason. Please refer to for the latest terms and conditions.

Either you or Savvy Spreadsheets may terminate this agreement at any time for any reason with a written notification. Upon termination, you must cease submitting any templates or materials to Savvy Spreadsheets. Savvy Spreadsheets will have 30 days upon termination to remove your shop information from the website and discontinue the availability of your templates from the website.