Sell Your Templates

Sell your Excel templates on our website! Savvy Spreadsheets is now accepting submissions from Excel experts to add to our current inventory of downloadable Excel spreadsheet templates. If you are an Excel expert and have some of your own templates, contact us about listing your products for sale. We’ll do all the administrative work, and you get 90% of the profits! Here’s how it works.

Getting Started

1) Review and accept the shop terms and conditions.
2) Contact us and let us know you’re interested in becoming a Savvy Spreadsheets shop.
3) Submit one or more Excel templates for review. We will review your template and let you know if it’s a good fit for Savvy Spreadsheets. Here is what we look for.
4) Once you have at least one approved template, we will send you a Shop Application Form and a New Template form.

Setting Up Your Shop

1) Submit the application form and your shop logo.
2) Submit your Excel templates, along with a template form for each template. You need at least four approved templates to be set up as a shop. At least half of them must be free.
3) We will post short biography of your shop based off of your application form.
4) We will create images and a product page for each of your approved templates. The product details and descriptions will be based off your entries on the template forms.

Getting Paid

1) You will receive a system-generated email each time one of your templates is sold.
2) You will also receive a report each month with your products’ downloads and sales.
3) You will be paid 90% of the profit on each sale of your products. The profit is equal to net sales less any discounts and fees. Discounts are from coupons issued by your shop or by Savvy Spreadsheets (with your approval). Fees include PayPal fees and may sometimes include affiliate commissions.
4) Payment will be issued monthly, usually by the 5th of each month, via PayPal.

Providing Customer Service

1) Every customer service email related to your product will be directed to you. Make sure you answer these timely!
2) All templates may be reviewed by the public, and all reviews will be published (unless it is clearly spam).

Growing Your Business

1) Get the word out! If you have a blog, write regular posts about your products. Reach out to relevant blogs to link to your products as well.
2) Talk about your products on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.
3) If you have a business website, blog, or Etsy shop, we can provide a link to it.
4) If you offer custom work, we can direct custom project requests to you.

Ready to start selling? Contact us to get started!