Why do I keep getting a message that this template has been modified?

Are you getting a warning message that looks like this?

This is happening because the template was modified with a change that may not have been authorized. While you are free to make modifications to your template, you are doing so at your own risk, since some changes may cause it to break. It is recommended that only those very comfortable with Excel and VBA attempt their own modifications.

Most modifications will not set off this warning message, but certain changes will. What are these changes? Many of the templates have a built-in security feature that detects unauthorized changes, such as the removal of Savvy Spreadsheets branding or copyright. If you accidentally did this, simply undo it. If you are unable to revert the template back to the original state, contact me and I can send you a new copy.

Some modifications that are not necessarily unauthorized will set off the warning message as well. If you made a change that has nothing to do with the removal of my branding or copyright, contact me with the description of the change(s) you made and a copy of your template. As long as your changes are authorized, I can turn off the warning message for you.