Custom Services

Contact me for custom spreadsheet work!  I specialize in solutions for small to medium sized businesses, but also have extensive experience with personal projects. See below for areas of expertise. Modifications on Savvy Spreadsheets templates start at $50. All other services start at $100. For an overall cost estimate for your project, contact me.

Services Offered

Template Customization

Any of my downloadable templates can be customized. If you love one of my templates, but just need something changed, I can do it for you! If you have an existing spreadsheet that you need to tweak, just let me know!

Custom Excel Templates

Have a problem that you know can be solved in Excel, but don't have the time or the experience to create it yourself? I love building custom Excel solutions for my clients. I've made everything from project estimators, inventory logs, savings trackers, interest calculators, and so much more. Just let me know what you're looking for, and I'll work with you to build a spreadsheet that is fully customized to meet your needs.

Adding Automated Features with VBA

The possibilities are endless. If you need something to be automated in an Excel spreadsheet, I'm confident I can do it for you. And I'll make it so user-friendly, you never have to know the coding behind it (unless of course you want to). I'm fond of adding buttons, images, and other intuitive tools that run VBA in the background and make your life easier.

Fixing VBA Bugs

Do you have an Excel document with VBA that used to work and now it doesn't? Or a spreadsheet that's full of code but just doesn't function properly? I can fix your bugs and streamline your code in the process.

Correcting Formulas and Functions

Perhaps your spreadsheet is full of gigantic formulas that got so convoluted that no can understand them anymore. Or maybe your company's Excel expert is no longer there, and you need to replicate some of the formulas that he/she entered. I'm an expert in all types of Excel formulas and functions.

Cleaning up Formatting

In case you can't tell from my downloadable templates, I love pretty spreadsheets. I'll make your spreadsheet cleaner, easier to read, and just nicer to look at. I'll fix borders, add shading, change colors, adjust print layouts, you name it.

Excel Training and Consulting

I can explain a function, teach you shortcuts, show you how to create a macro, etc. I can train you on pretty much anything related to Excel. Your training can be very short and focused, or thorough and comprehensive.

Google Sheets Services

After many customer requests, I've become very familiar with Google Sheets. I can fix formulas and formatting, and beautify your spreadsheet overall. Unfortunately, I am not as versed in Google Apps Script as I am in VBA, but I'm working on it! Let me know what you need and I'll tell you right away if this is something I can do.


"My analytical brain has meant that for years I have spent hours meticulously updating spreadsheets to keep on top of personal finances. I recently saw a free app that allowed the download of bank statement data rather than spend hours keying the data in. I did not want to give strangers permission to access my bank data, even if it was read-only access. So I looked online for templates that would be flexible enough to suit my demanding criteria. Enter Janet at Savvy. Janet worked closely with me to develop a fantastic suited-to- purpose spreadsheet that has carved off hours of input time, and the end result is a user-friendly and interactive interface which I am extremely happy with. Janet has always responded to my queries promptly and professionally and would definitely send her repeat business in future." -- Angie Padoan

"We recently used Savvy Spreadsheets to create a few custom workbooks to streamline our estimating process. They have exceeded our expectations with their knowledge and professionalism. They quickly understood what we were trying to accomplish and provided great solutions to help us achieve our goals. Every step of the process from first contact to the payment process was made easy. I would highly recommend Savvy Spreadsheets to anyone. We will definitely use them again in the future." -- Chris O'Neal, NexLab Design, Inc.

"Great job tweaking my payroll calculator Janet! I especially appreciated the prompt turn-around." -- Daniel Housser, EdgePlus Accounting