How do I unprotect my spreadsheet?

You don’t need to unprotect anything in order to use the templates as they are meant. If you’re getting a message to unprotect, that means you’re trying to edit in the wrong spot! But if you are purposely trying to change the way the template was built, read on for instructions on how to unprotect it.

Most templates have been “protected” meaning that you can’t make certain changes without a password. This was done to prevent accidental changes, like you accidentally typing over a formula.

Warning: If you unprotect the template, Savvy Spreadsheets can no longer be responsible for it working properly. If something breaks as a result of your changes, Savvy Spreadsheets may not be able to help you without charging a consulting fee.

Select the Review tab from the ribbon bar at the top of your screen (see image below). Then select “Unprotect Sheet.”

excel ribbon

unprotect2The password is “savvy” (all lowercase, without quotes). Enter this in the dialog box and click OK. You are free to make whatever changes you want!

We recommend that you re-protect the spreadsheet after making your changes. To do this, click on “Protect Sheet” (in the same spot that “Unprotect Sheet” was in). Type in a password (doesn’t have to be “savvy” but just make sure you remember it) click OK, and type it in again and you’re set!

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