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Website Traffic Report


How popular is your website? Track and analyze your most important website traffic statistics with this Excel traffic report template.

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Do you know how much traffic your website/blog/Etsy shop gets? What’s your conversion rate? Are your SEO efforts paying off? Surely you have Google Analytics or other stat tracking on your site, but how often do you look at the numbers? And more importantly, do you remember them?

When you make a point to write something down, or enter it onto a spreadsheet, you’re much more likely to remember it and understand it. This simple Website Traffic Report is designed to help you know your most important website statistics like the back of your hand. Each month, enter your visit, sales, activity, and acquisition numbers. The template will calculate some of your most significant measurements, such as your average number of monthly visitors, conversion rate, percent search traffic, etc.

Monthly Stat Tracking

Each month, enter your major website stats. In the Visit section, there are columns for number of visits, visitors, and % of new visits. Enter your number of sales in the Sales section, and the conversion rate will calculate. Under Activity, enter your number of page views, duration, and bounce rate. The pages/visit is a formula that will calculate for you. Finally, the in the Acquisition section, enter the number of visits that were acquired from search, direct, referral, or social media.

Visitor and Sales Chart

At the bottom of the template, there is a line graph that will chart your visit, visitor, and sales data each month. This chart makes it super easy for you to see your traffic fluctuations month by month, and how they translate into sales.

Acquisition Pie Chart

Next to the line chart, there is a dynamic pie chart that shows you how much of your traffic came from which channel. Choose the timeframe to view in the dropdown menu above the chart; you can select a specific month, total year-to-date or average.


This template is formatted to print on 8.5 x 11 inch letter-size paper, in landscape orientation.


  • 12 Month Tracking (January – December)
  • Visit, Visitor, and Sales Tracking
  • Conversion Rate Calculator
  • Page Views, Duration, and Bounce Rate Tracking
  • Acquisition Channel Tracking
  • Visit, Visitor and Sales Line Graph
  • Acquisition Pie Chart
  • Formatted to Print


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