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Savvy Wedding Budget

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A wedding planning must-have! This smart wedding budget worksheet allocates your budget based on category percentages. Easily see where you're overspending.

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Product Description

Few things in life are as expensive as a wedding! A solid wedding budget will make sure your spending doesn’t get out of control. Our Savvy Wedding Budget is an advanced wedding budget template that let’s you set up a smart and sensible budget for each of your detailed expenses. Then, it tracks your overall progress as you start spending, so you can quickly tell if your likely to overspend. This smart budget template will help you keep your spending in check!

A truly good budget is planned “top-down” as well as “bottom-up.” What does that mean? It means that you should know the overall amount you want to spend, and spread that amount out by category (top-down). Then, you should assign each expense with a budget amount, making sure that the category budget totals equal what you initially planned (bottom-up). The Savvy Wedding Budget is designed to just that, and makes it super easy for you to do. It’s the most precise way to make sure your individual expense budgets are in line with your overall target budget.

Editable Categories

Common wedding categories and expenses are already populated into your template. Use these or make your own adjustments by changing the names as necessary. You can also add, remove, or move the expenses around using the handy PLUS, MINUS, UP, and DOWN buttons.

Targeted Budgets

Enter your total target budget, which is the overall amount you want to spend. Each category has been assigned a suggested budget percentage. For example, we’ve recommended that 3% of your budget goes towards Stationery. Feel free to adjust these percentages to what makes the most sense for you, especially if you have customized your categories. Just remember that your percentages need to add up to 100%. Once you’re done adjusting your percentages, you’ll notice that each category has a target budget amount. Together, these amounts will add up to your total target budget.

Now, next to each of your detailed expenses, enter in a budget. As you type these in, you’ll notice that your category budgets are changing. Keep entering and adjusting your detailed expense budgets, until your category budgets are close to your category targets. This will ensure that your budgets for each expense add up to your overall budget, and help keep you from overspending!


The Savvy Wedding Budget has a nifty column that will project what you’re likely to spend on your wedding overall. Before you start entering your actuals, your projection will be equal to your budget. As you start entering your actuals, the projection will change based on if you were over or under your budget for each detailed expense.

Actuals Tracking

As you start spending, enter your actual amounts in the designated column. You’ll notice that the projection column will constantly update as more actual amounts become confirmed. Check the projection column every time you enter an actual amount, so you see if you’re projected to overspend. If so, it’s time to reign it in! If you are paying for something in installments, there a is a section for you to enter partial payments. Any remaining amount due will calculate for you.


For detailed instructions on how to use the wedding budget spreadsheet, check out How to Use the Savvy Wedding Budget.


  • Up to 20 Customizable Categories
  • Up to 20 Customizable Detailed Expenses per Category
  • Category Spending Percentages
  • Projected Spending Calculator
  • Payment Due Calculator
  • Notes Section

6 reviews for Savvy Wedding Budget

  1. 5 out of 5


    I’m loving this spreadsheet! It’s laid out in a very user-friendly way. The built-in formulas and macros are great! I know Excel can do amazing things, but I don’t have the time to dig through websites and tutorials to figure it out myself. Thanks for offering such a great product!

  2. 4 out of 5


    It’s set up very nicely, but I though I would be able to edit and take out some of the categories. There are a few items I will not be paying for and want them off the budget… Otherwise, helpful and allowed me to create a good budget with things I didn’t think of.

    • :

      Hi Sarah, you should definitely be able to edit and remove categories (and I’m actually working on an update that will make this process even easier). I’m sorry you were having difficulty with it though, and I’ll email you directly so we can figure out what the issue was!

  3. 5 out of 5


    I had trouble with the spreadsheet and Janet was very helpful. If you have a macbook, be sure you’ve got Excel 2011 – nothing earlier. I’m going to upgrade and and try again.

  4. 1 out of 5


    This did not work on my macbook pro. Lots of “Macro cannot be found”. Save your $5.

    • :

      Hi Margaret, I’m so sorry the Savvy Wedding Budget didn’t work for you. Can you let me know what version of Excel you are using and if you enabled your macros? I’ve also emailed you directly so we can try to figure out what happened. I hope to hear from you soon.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Amazing!! This spreadsheet was invaluable as we dealt with the unfortunate reality check that is a wedding budget. It laid everything out clearly and thoroughly, without being overwhelming. Efficient, helpful, and cute to boot? This is a must have for any bride.

  6. 5 out of 5


    This spreadsheet is great. It helped me to get organized because it lists all of the possible expenses FOR you. One less thing to think about. I would never have known all of these expenses in advance – many of them I would not have though of until they came up during planning. It’s easy to use and really gorgeous to boot. Thank you!

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