Revenue and Expenses Tracker 2017 Excel Template
Revenue and Expenses Tracker 2017 Excel Template - Revenue LogRevenue and Expenses Tracker 2017 Excel Template - Expenses LogRevenue and Expenses Tracker 2017 Excel Template - Transfers LogRevenue and Expenses Tracker 2017 Excel Template - Account SummaryRevenue and Expenses Tracker 2017 Excel Template - Profit Summary

Revenue and Expenses Tracker

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How profitable is your business? Stay on top of your numbers with this monthly revenue and expense tracking Excel template.

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Finally, an incredibly simple solution for you to stay on top of your business’s financials. No more scrambling for the numbers during tax season!

The Revenue and Expenses Tracker is all you need to track your business’s profitability during the course of the year. Simply log your revenue, expenses, and transfers each month, and the Tracker will do the rest. See which revenue categories are generating the most income, which expense types are the most costly, and how profitable your business is. What’s more, the Revenue and Expenses Tracker keeps track of all your accounts, so you can view your monthly balances all in one sheet.

Account Balance Tracking

The Revenue and Expenses Tracker tracks the beginning and ending monthly balance of up to 10 accounts of your choosing. These can be your business’s checking account, savings account, credit card account, PayPal account, Etsy account, or any other account related to your business. By cross checking your balances against your monthly statements, you can be sure that you are logging in all your transactions correctly.

Revenue Tracking

What are your main revenue categories? Create up to 10 revenue categories for the template to track. Then, log your sales each month in the Revenue table, under the appropriate category. The tracker will summarize your earnings by category on a monthly basis.

Direct and Indirect Expenses Tracking

The template lets you track up to 100 direct expenses (10 categories and with 10 subcategories each), and 100 indirect expenses (10 categories with 10 subcategories each). Log all of your expenses in the Expenses table each month, selecting an expense subcategory for each. The Tracker will subtotal your expenses according to the categories and subcategories you set up.

Transfer Tracking

Whenever you move money in and out of your accounts, simply log it in the Transfer table. The tracker will then add and deduct this amount from your accounts accordingly.

Profitability Analysis

After you log your revenues, expenses, and transfers, the template will calculate your gross profit (revenue minus direct expenses) and your net profit (revenue minus direct and indirect expenses) for each month.


  • Full Year Tracking (January – December)
  • Up to 10 Accounts
  • Up to 10 Revenue Categories
  • Up to 10 Direct Expense Categories, with 10 Subcategories per Category
  • Up to 10 Indirect Expense Categories, with 10 Subcategories per Category
  • Beginning and Ending Account Balance Tracking
  • Monthly Gross and Net Profit Calculations

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