Product Sales Tracker 2017 Excel Template
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Product Sales Tracker


What are your bestsellers and slow sellers this month? Track your product sales with this super easy sales tracking Excel template.

Requirements: Excel
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Product Description

The Product Sales Tracker is just what you need to understand how well each of your products is performing. Simply log in your sales each month, and the template will provide a straightforward summary of your sales in unit terms and in dollar terms. There are also handy pie charts for a visual representation of which categories and products are accounting for most of your business.

Product Tracking

There is room for up to 20 categories, and 20 products within each category. Simply create your category and product list, using the handy PLUS, MINUS, UP, and DOWN buttons to add, remove, or move rows as necessary.

Sales Logging

Log your sales activity on a regular basis. This can be done as often as you want, but at least once a month. There is a convenient dropdown menu for you to select the product that belongs to each entry. The appropriate category will automatically populate according to the product you’ve selected.

Unit and Dollar Summaries

The Sales Unit Summary and the Sales Dollar Summary will constantly update based on your entries in the sales log. These summaries are quick and easy-to-understand reports of your sales by product, month by month. There’s also an annual total and average calculation, for you to quickly see how each category and product is performing relative to the others.

Pie Charts

Both summary sheets have a pie chart to show you how much each category represents to the total. You can also select a specific category to drill down further. The chart will then update to show you how much each product represents to its total category.


  • Full Year Tracking (January – December)
  • Up to 20 Categories, with 20 Products per Category
  • Monthly Sales Summary by Unit
  • Monthly Sales Summary by Dollar
  • Unit Sales Pie Chart
  • Dollar Sales Pie Chart


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