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Dynamic Daily Planner


An interactive and printable daily planner to organize your day. Automated time blocks, clickable checkboxes, and much more!

Requirements: Excel
License: Personal – not for distribution or resale

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Product Description

Plan out your day in style with the Dynamic Daily Planner. This macro-enabled Excel daily planner has loads of interactive features to help you organize your day. The Dynamic Daily Planner is a suped up version of our free Basic Daily Planner.

Customizable Schedule

The planner features a full 18-hour schedule. Select your schedule start time, and the remaining times will automatically update in 30-minute increments. Now all you need to do is enter your meetings, appointments, and other events next to the appropriate times.

Smart Time Blocks

If your event lasts longer than half an hour, simply create a time block. Right-click on your event and select the ending time. The Dynamic Daily Planner will automatically “block out” your schedule by creating and formatting a time block in your schedule.

Auto Clearing

Event got cancelled? Made a mistake in your schedule? No problem! Simply right-click on your event, then select “Delete Event” to remove it from your schedule. Once your day is over, click on “Clear Template.” This will clear the Excel daily planner and get it ready for the next day.

Checkable To-Do List

Enter up to 20 tasks that you need to complete during the day. The checkboxes are clickable! Once a task is complete, click on the checkbox to check it off your list. There are few things more satisfying than seeing all those check marks!


The Dynamic Daily Planner is formatted to print in portrait orientation on 8.5 x 11 inch letter-size paper. Feel free to handwrite in it if that’s what you prefer.


  • 18-hour Schedule
  • Adjustable Schedule Start Time
  • Automated Time Block Creation
  • Automated Event Deletion
  • Interactive “Checkable” To-Do List
  • Up to 20 To-Do’s


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