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Deluxe Event Calendar


A sophisticated Excel calendar with automated features. Create your own custom color tags, and color code your events with a click of your mouse.

Requirements: Excel
License: Personal – not for distribution or resale

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Product Description

Bet you’ve never seen an Excel calendar like this before! Create your own event color key, and easily tag your events with a click of your mouse. This macro-enabled Excel calendar makes it super easy to organize that hectic schedule!

Monthly Calendar

The Deluxe Event Calendar is both an annual and monthly calendar. The first tab is bold and colorful annual calendar, which contains an overview of all the dates in the year. It also has a list of the major US holidays; feel free to type over them with the holidays that are the most important to you. The monthly calendars follow on the next 12 sheets. Each month is beautifully laid out on its own tab, in bold colors that coordinate with the annual calendar. Additionally, there’s a handy section at the top of each month, for any notes you’d like to jot down.

Easy Events

Entering your events is easy. Just type into the spaces next to the applicable date, and you’re set! To change an event simply type over it. There is room for up to six events per date.

Color Tagging

Create your own color tags! On the Annual tab, there is a color key where you can enter in your event types, and select a custom color for each event type. Then, on the monthly calendars, right-click on an event and you’ll see your Color Tag menu. Select the appropriate event type, and viola! Your event is now highlighted with the color associated with that event type. Color tags are a great way to visually organize all your events by category. With a quick glance, you can easily tell the kinds of events are filling up your calendar.

Auto Deleting

If you need to remove an event, this Excel calendar has a built-in custom function that let’s you do this in the easiest way possible. Right-click on the event, and just select “Delete Event.” Your event, along with any color tagging, will be removed with just a single click.


The Deluxe Event Calendar has cool features that let you toggle between dates with ease. Double-click on a date in the Annual calendar, and you’ll automatically go to the same date on the Monthly calendar. Double-click on the month heading on the Monthly Calendar, and you’ll be back to the Annual calendar.


The Excel calendar template is ready to print in landscape orientation, on 8.5 x 11 inch letter-size paper.


  • Annual and Monthly Calendar
  • 12-Month Timeframe
  • 6 Events per Date
  • Customizable Event Key
  • Auto Color Tagging
  • Auto Event Deletion
  • Formatted to Print


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