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Customer Demographics Report


Who is your customer? Track and analyze up to 5 customer demographic categories each month with this editable and printable Excel template.

Requirements: Excel
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Product Description

Do you need a quick an easy way to track your customer demographics? This template is your answer! The Customer Demographics Report lets you dissect your customer base so you can make sure every marketing dollar is spent wisely.

It comes pre-populated with some key metric categories such as Country, City, Age, Gender, and Education. But the real beauty of this template is that all of these categories are editable; change them and the labels underneath to reflect the most important metrics for your business. The charts will update accordingly!

Monthly Demographics Tracking

Edit all of the labels on this report as necessary. There are five demographic categories, with three to five labels each. Then, each month, enter the number of customers that meet the specified criteria.

Category Analysis Charts

On the next tab, choose the category you want to analyze, from the dropdown menu at the top of the sheet. The first chart is a stacked column chart that shows you how the proportion of each type of customer changes over time.

Below the first chart, there is another dropdown menu for you to select a timeframe. Select a particular month, total year-to-date, or average. The next two charts will update to reflect your selected timeframe. The chart on the left is a column chart that quickly shows you how big each demographic type is relative to the others. The chart to the right is a pie chart that shows you how much each demographic represents to the total category.


This template is formatted to print on 8.5 x 11 inch letter-size paper, in landscape orientation.


  • 12 Month Tracking (January – December)
  • 5 Editable Customer Demographic Categories
  • 3-5 Editable Demographic Types per Category
  • Category by Month Stacked Column Chart
  • Breakdown by Category Column Chart
  • Breakdown by Category Pie Chart
  • Formatted to Print


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