Why You Need to Learn Excel

by Onur Yilmaz, Someka Excel Solutions


MS Excel is no doubt, the most widely used spreadsheet program in the World. Excel usage is a long journey which starts with your school years and continues during your professional career. That’s why everybody is taking online courses to learn Excel nowadays.

Excel is not a basic spreadsheet anymore. You can create tools, calculators and simulations with Excel which ease your daily life. You can even track your family to-do list or your daily activities via Excel. In addition to that, you can create handy dashboards and professional reports by using Excel features. For a great post to discover more about the things that can be done with Excel, don’t miss: Complete List of Things You Can Do With Excel.

What is the best way to learn Excel?

As you see, Excel is not only a spreadsheet but a life saver tool that you can use in many areas of life. But, what is the best way to learn it?

There are many ways to dive into the Excel world. In person trainings, watching youtube videos, following blogs, subscribing to online Excel courses are some of these. But the most important issue is to define specifically what you want to learn and define your learning method and areas. Otherwise, you may get lost in the big world of Excel.

Formulas & Functions is the major feature that Excel provides us. Do not ever forget that if you start repeating the same action in Excel, there should be an Excel formula designed to solve this specific issue. And you can start learning Excel Formulas & Functions by prioritizing the following topics:

As mentioned above, you can watch training videos in order to learn Excel. Free Excel Formulas Training Video Series is quite engaging and easy to follow as it goes one by one on each function.

For sure, practice is key to becoming an Excel master. The more you practice Excel, the more you will get familiar with its features. Accordingly, you may want to check out Excel Formulas Training Workbook, in order to reinforce what you’ve learned in training.

What are some Useful Excel Tips?

Let’s finish by listing a few tips that can help you in the long run of your Excel journey:

  • Use less mouse and more keyboard. Start learning shortcuts.
  • Always use “freeze panes” while you are working with tables.
  • Don’t use “merge cells”. It becomes really problematic in the long run (use Center Across Selection instead)
  • Don’t start working on cell A1 of the sheet. It is a best practice to leave at least 1–2 empty columns and rows on the left and top.
  • Make some formatting while you work. Not to be stylish but to be able to work on the sheet more efficiently.
  • Learn pivot tables. They will make your life much easier.
  • Don’t hard code the variables in your formulas. Make them changeable via cells.
  • Don’t forget to save frequently! And don’t overwrite your existing file. Use Save-As and always give a new name like: Yourfile_V1, Yourfile_V2, Yourfile_V3 (you may want to turn back to a previous stage)
  • And always remember this: If you find yourself doing repetitive work in Excel, there should be an easier way for this!

Hope this was helpful and good luck on your Excel journey!