Welcome to Savvy Spreadsheets’ blog! Here you will find lots of Excel tips and tricks, all written in PLAIN ENGLISH, so that anyone from the Excel newbie to expert can easily follow along.

My inspiration for this blog is my mom, who asks me Excel related questions all the time. She is completely NOT tech-savvy though, and it took me a while to figure out how to explain things to her in a way that kept both of us from going crazy with frustration. I also realized that that it was hard for her to even Google answers to her questions because she didn’t even know the right terms to search for! So I wanted to start a blog for people like my mom, who just want some straightforward answers to straightforward questions, written in a way that regular non-Excel-nerds can understand. I will try to use “normal” words as much as possible, but if I find myself using a lot of Excel jargon, I will try to define them in my Easy Excel Dictionary.

My goal is to post a new tip at least once a week, and I’ll try to keep them short and sweet, cause I know most people get easily bored reading about Excel The tips will be grouped by Excel skill levels (which I’ve completely made up) to help you decide if it’s something you’d be interested in learning about. Here are some very general, but fairly arbitrary, guidelines for my levels:

Beginner – for those who are just starting to learn Excel, not fully comfortable navigating around a spreadsheet, not familiar with many formulas and concepts
Intermediate – for those who’ve mastered basic formulas, are starting to learn about more advanced formulas such as VLOOKUP and SUMIFS, understands concepts such as named ranges, conditional formatting, and data validation
Advanced – comfortable with all formulas including as INDIRECT, OFFSET, and nested IF, understands pivot tables and macros, maybe even knows a little VBA.

Most of my tips will be for the Beginner or Intermediate user since I’m guessing that’s who most of my audience is. I love feedback and comments so please share your thoughts at the end of my posts. And if you are an Excel expert who catches me saying something wrong, then even better! I am just a person and will definitely make some mistakes, so please correct me so I can stop misleading the rest of my readers. I welcome both positive and negative feedback, and of course any ideas you have for future posts. If you would rather talk one on one you can also just contact me directly.

And finally for those that need to know, I am NOT affiliated with Microsoft in any way. I just happen to really like their software

That’s it for now, hope you enjoy my tips!