Template Guidelines

by Janet Dagostino, Savvy Spreadsheets


Interested in selling your Excel templates? Fantastic! Please just be aware that Savvy Spreadsheets cannot accept every template, and will only approve the ones that fit our brand image. What does that mean exactly? Essentially, each Excel template must be similar in quality and aesthetics. This ensures that the Savvy Spreadsheets brand image is not compromised.

If you want to know what we look for in new templates, here are some guidelines. Each template should have the following qualities.


The template should be easy to understand and use. Many Savvy Spreadsheets customers are beginner level Excel users, and do not want do deal with complicated spreadsheets. The more user-friendly the better. In fact, the less it looks like a spreadsheet, the better! Use of images, buttons, and macros, are encouraged whenever it makes the template more intuitive. Your template should also include simple and concise instructions.


Whether your template is bright and bold, or subdued and calming, use color strategically. Establish an aesthetically pleasing color theme for your template, and stick to it throughout the whole workbook. You may want to even adopt a color theme for your entire collection of templates. Colorful products draw attention, and we definitely want the audience interested.

No Gridlines

Gridlines are useful when you are using Excel as a straight up spreadsheet, and need to input data into the cells. But they are not always necessary in templates designed for special purposes. If anything, they usually just make the template look messy. We recommend hiding gridlines 90% of the time. It goes a long way in making templates look less “spreadsheet-y.” But what if you want to delineate certain cells? Use borders instead…


Create borders around tables, or any data set that should be considered as a group. It’s a nice and easy way to visually organize your data, and make it stand out. You may also want to use borders around headers, totals, input cells, and any other cell range that you want to emphasize.

Formatted to Print

Whenever possible, format your worksheets so that they fit nicely onto standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Our customers love printable templates since they can serve dual functions – as an Excel template on the computer, and as a printout to write on or pin up somewhere. Printer-friendly templates also just look very professional, and make for great images.


We love fun, creative, and entertaining templates. If your template feels more like play than work, it definitely wins points!

These guidelines are to provide an idea of what we look for when evaluating new templates for sale. They are not meant to be criteria, but more like suggestions. The more your template follows these guidelines, the more likely it is to be approved. However there is no guarantee, and Savvy Spreadsheets ultimately reserves the right to approve or deny any template for any reason. If your template is not approved, please do not be offended. Just because it doesn’t fit with the other Savvy Spreadsheets templates, it definitely doesn’t mean it isn’t a good Excel template!