Excel Tips

  • Pivot Tables in 5 Minutes

    Never used pivot tables before in Microsoft Excel and want to learn how? Look no further because in this short article, we are going to show you how to create your first pivot table in less than 5 minutes. Step 1: Assuming the data you want to pivot has column headers (this is a requirement), […]

  • How to Make an Easy Budget Spreadsheet

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a super easy budget spreadsheet in Excel. You just need to have basic to intermediate Excel skills to make this incredibly helpful personal finance tool. Use it every month to see where all your money’s going! When you’re done, you will have a beautiful, fully […]

  • What Every Experienced Excel User Should Know

    They say Excel users fall into two groups: Those who draw tables in Excel, and those who surprise their colleagues with amazing charts of data analysis functions. If you are the latter type, here are some tips that you absolutely must know. VLOOKUP Got data scattered across different workbooks and sheets? VLOOKUP will help you […]

  • Summing Based on Multiple Criteria

    In the last post I showed you how to use SUMIF, which let’s you subtotal based on a specific single criterion. You can also subtotal based on multiple criteria with a very similar, but much more powerful function called SUMIFS. SUMIFS SUMIFS is structurally similar to SUMIF, but you put your sum range in the […]

  • Summing Based on a Specific Criterion

    If you read my last two posts on COUNTIF and COUNTIFS, you might wonder if, instead of just counting, you could add something based on specific criteria. Well, you can, with SUMIF! SUMIF With SUMIF, you can quickly create subtotals based on a single criterion. For instance, say you have bunch of spending data for […]

  • Counting Based on Multiple Criteria

    Last week we talked about the COUNTIF formula and how you could use it to count rows based on a single criterion. But what if you wanted to count rows based on multiple criteria? If you haven’t guessed already, the answer is with COUNTIFS! COUNTIFS COUNTIFS is a function that counts data based on multiple […]

  • Counting Based on a Specific Criterion

    Do you know there is a really fast and easy way to count rows that meet specific criteria? For instance, if you have over a hundred rows of spending data, like the hypothetical data below, how can you quickly find out how many times you bought something in the month of October? The answer is, […]

  • Subtotaling with Pivot Tables

    Ask Excel experts what their favorite tool is, and many of them will say pivot tables. But why exactly are pivot tables so awesome? There are many reasons actually, that I will probably need to discuss over several posts, but I will talk about my favorite reason on this post. And that reason is [...]

  • Subtotal Tool

    Have you ever had hundreds or even thousands of rows that you had to subtotal? If you use Excel at work, chances are that you have. Did you enjoy calculating those subtotals? Chances are that you haven’t Believe it or not [...]

  • How to Split Data into Multiple Columns

    Ever wonder how you can easily split data from one column into multiple columns? You can do this with a feature called “Text to Columns.” “Text to Columns” is just what it sounds like – splitting text into multiple columns.

    Using Text to Columns is [...]

  • Useful Text Functions: LEFT, RIGHT, and MID

    In last week’s post, I started my discussion of text functions. If you don’t remember what a “text function” is, check out last week’s post to refresh your memory

    Today’s functions are [...]

  • Cool Ways to Use Conditional Formatting

    Wouldn’t it be cool if you could automatically highlight certain words or numbers on your spreadsheet? Well you can with Conditional Formatting! Conditional formatting is exactly what it sounds like, formatting based on certain conditions or criteria. With conditional formatting, you can [...]