Excel Tips

  • How to Use the Easy Budget Spreadsheet

    So you’ve followed my tutorial on making an easy budget spreadsheet. Fantastic! Now you just need to understand what you’ve just made . For some of you, especially if you’ve used the Super Starter Budget before, this template will be very intuitive and you might not need these instructions at all. For others, here […]

  • Simple Tips for Creating Outstanding Column Charts in Excel

    Excel is known for its chart making skills; however, users still have difficulty creating amazing column charts using Excel. Here are some tips for making your task easier. Note that the rules given here can be applied to bar charts as well. Start at Zero That sounds simple enough. When you start a column chart […]

  • How to Find and Replace Something

    In the last post, I showed you two ways to quickly find something. But what if you wanted to not only find something, but also replace that something with something else? Well that’s just as easy to do! Let’s use that same data set and go through an example of replacing data. Download the sample […]

  • How to Find Something

    Have you ever needed to quickly find something? Or needed to know how many times a certain word/number/value was used? Here’s how to do it. The fastest way to find something is to use the shortcut key CTRL+F. If you would rather not use a shortcut key, I’ll also show you how to find something […]

  • How to Quickly Select Data

    In today’s post, I want to tell you about three of my favorite navigation shortcut keys. They are: CTRL+ARROW KEY, CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW KEY, and CTRL+SHIFT+END. When I have to move quickly around my spreadsheet, these are total lifesavers. CTRL+ARROW KEY CTRL+ARROW KEY let’s you jump to the end of your data set. For example, if you […]

  • How to Join Pieces of Text

    There are two ways you can join text together. Well three I guess, if you count the manual way, which is to literally type out your joint text. But that’s just not very practical. Imagine you have [...]

  • Useful Text Functions: UPPER, LOWER, and PROPER

    There are a handful of text functions that I always seem to be using. These are all very simple but very helpful, and every time I show them to someone, I almost always get back something along the lines of “wow, cool!” So I thought [...]

  • Paste Special Values

    This is the final post of my three-part Paste Special Series. Last week, I talked about two types of paste special – paste special formats and paste special formulas. In this post, I’ll talk about paste special values. As I previously mentioned [...]

  • Paste Special Formulas

    This is the second part of my Paste Special Series, where I discuss the three most frequently used types of paste special – paste special formats, paste special formulas, and paste special values.

    In my last post [...]

  • Paste Special Formats

    What the heck is “paste special” anyway? Well you probably already know about regular paste. Pasting is when you place something on your spreadsheet that you’ve previously copied or cut from somewhere else. If you wanted to make a duplicate of something, you would [...]

  • How to Make a Pretty Spreadsheet

    Let’s face it, no one likes to stare at a bunch of numbers on a spreadsheet. But there are a few things you can do to make your data a little easier on the eye. These tips are super quick and easy, but do wonders to make your data set more legible, and just plain nicer to look at. Take a look [...]