How to Use the Easy Wedding Budget

by Janet Dagostino, Savvy Spreadsheets


This article provides detailed instructions on using the Easy Wedding Budget. For a more advanced wedding budget template, with more categories and subcategories, check out the Savvy Wedding Budget.

Setting up your Budget
Tracking your Expenses
Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up your Budget

It’s super easy to set up the Easy Wedding Budget.

First, enter your budget categories and subcategories. Use the examples or type over them with your own. You can have up to 10 categories and 10 subcategories within each category.

Note: If you need more categories or subcategories, check out the Savvy Wedding Budget.

Then, enter your budgets next to each subcategory.

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Tracking your Expenses

Now that your budget is set up, start tracking your expenses.

As soon as an actual amount for a subcategory is confirmed, enter it in the Amount column.

If any of these are payable in stages (i.e. there is an initial deposit) you can use the Paid column to keep track of how much you owe. Enter what you’ve paid so far under the Paid column, and your remaining Amount Due will calculate.

Use the notes section to track details about your budget.

That’s it! Just keep track of your expenses and try to stay within budget

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