Exciting Charting Features of Excel 2013

by Emily Cartman, Guest Blogger


Excel 2013 boasts of several new charting features that will enhance your productivity. The best thing about Excel 2013 charts is that you can make them with a few clicks. This is a major improvement over previous versions because making charts using Excel used to take lots of time and specialized knowledge. Also, Excel 2013 makes it possible to tweak your charts with several interactive features.

Here is a quick overview of three of Excel 2013’s exciting charting features. Not happy with the results? Don’t worry. Just undo and start all over again. Excel 2013 allows you to make charts so quickly that you will find hardly any reason to regret your choices.

Recommended Charts

Selecting the most appropriate type of chart to represent your data requires some experience and knowledge. ‘Recommended Charts’ makes this process easier. To use this intuitive feature, you need to click inside the data range you are trying to chart; and then click ‘Insert Tab’ and click ‘Recommended Charts’. At this point, you will see thumbnails of different chart types. When you click one of these thumbnails, you will get to see a preview of how your data will be presented in that type of chart. Once you have decided on a particular chart type, double click on it to embed it.

Even if you are a charting expert, you will want to check out this feature.

Better Organization

Previous versions of Excel had 3 contextual tabs for creating or tweaking charts. Excel 2013 has two new charting Ribbon tabs – Format and Design. The one that is missing is the Layout tab. But this is hardly an issue because now the options are organized better.

Combo Charts

If you wanted to create combo charts in previous versions of Excel, you needed specialized knowledge. Now, it is as easy as ABC. You only have to select your data and choose ‘Insert Chart’. Then click ‘All Charts’ tab and select ‘Combo’.