10 Free Weekly Schedule Templates for Excel

by Janet Dagostino, Savvy Spreadsheets


Want a weekly schedule for Excel but don’t know where to begin? Lucky for you I’ve combed through the internet to find the best free weekly schedules and planners out there. These are the best in my opinion for various reasons, which I’ve described below. Each of these are also very user-friendly, and pretty looking. Because no one wants to plan their week in an ugly boring spreadsheet .

All of the weekly schedule templates below are compatible with Excel, and some of them are also compatible with Google Sheets. Many of them are printable weekly planners, meaning they can be printed before or after data is entered, and they are pre-formatted to print. Check them out!

1. Basic Weekly Planner

This printable weekly planner is so pretty, it doesn’t even look like an Excel template! It’s very nicely designed with bright colors and plenty of room for notes. It’s also formatted to print on two portrait pages, as opposed to the more common one landscape page, so your entries don’t look as squished when printed.

Created by: Savvy Spreadsheets
Compatible with: Excel, Google Sheets
Download the Basic Weekly Planner

2. Appointment Schedule

The Appointment Schedule is a clever 5-day weekly planner for your upcoming appointments. You can easily customize your start date, start time, and time interval. Additionally, there are built-in dropdown menus so you can flag the status of each event.

Created by: Vertex42
Compatible with: Excel
Download the Appointment Schedule

3. Daily Schedule

The Daily Schedule is really a well-designed planner for the week. Instead of entering events directly into the schedule, you enter them on a second sheet, and the template will beautifully format it for you into the weekly schedule.

Created by: Microsoft
Compatible with: Excel
Download the Daily Schedule

4. Weekly Shift Schedule

This weekly planner is designed for businesses to help them plan their employee shifts. Create a schedule for up to 20 employees and 9 different shifts. Each shift is nicely color coded for easy visual reference.

Created by: Business Management Systems
Compatible with: Excel
Download the Weekly Shift Schedule

5. Weekly Schedule

This template is an extremely user-friendly and straightforward weekly planner. Just select your schedule start time and time interval using the dropdown menus, and enter your start date (must be a Sunday). Then just type in your events for the week!

Created by: Smartsheet
Compatible with: Excel
Download the Weekly Schedule

6. Student Weekly Schedule

The Student Weekly Schedule is designed with students in mind, but it’s really suitable for anyone. Just change “Assignments” to “Events” and it can be used as a generic weekly planner. As you enter your events, there is some nice conditional formatting that highlights your dates and activities.

Created by: Tidy Form
Compatible with: Excel
Download the Student Weekly Schedule

7. Weekly Schedule Template

It doesn’t get easier than this! Simply enter your dates, your times, and your events. Sometimes all you want is the shell so you can fill in the rest. This printable weekly schedule is a great no frills, no nonsense, planner.

Created by: Template Wave
Compatible with: Excel, Google Sheets
Download the Weekly Schedule Template

8. Chore Schedule

The Chore Schedule is an indispensable tool for families to organize weekly household chores. Enter your start date, and the weekdays will automatically update for you. Next enter all the chores that need to be taken care of for the week. And finally, assign each of the chores to a family member and track if they’ve been done or not.

Created by: Microsoft
Compatible with: Excel
Download the Chore Schedule

9. Employee Schedule Template

The Employee Schedule is a weekly planner specifically designed to organize employee shifts. Customize your template easily by entering employee names and changing position types.

Created by: Zip Schedules
Compatible with: Excel
Download the Employee Schedule Template

10. Biweekly Schedule

The Biweekly Schedule template is a neat solution for those who like to plan biweekly. It’s super easy to set up too. Just enter your start date and start time, and the Biweekly Schedule will create a 10 week planner for you.

Created by: Spreadsheet123
Compatible with: Excel, Google Sheets
Download the Biweekly Schedule

Hope one of these free Excel weekly schedules meets your needs! And if you find any other good ones, feel free to add a link in the comments below.