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Why Excel is better than PDF for Calendars and Planners

Excel is an awesome tool for creating (and using) calendars and planners, and I would argue that a spreadsheet format is better PDF. There are so many beautifully designed printable calendars and planners out there. The problem is that most of these are in PDF format, and there is not a whole lot you can […]

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Why You Need to Learn Excel

MS Excel is no doubt, the most widely used spreadsheet program in the World. Excel usage is a long journey which starts with your school years and continues during your professional career. That’s why everybody is taking online courses to learn Excel nowadays. Excel is not a basic spreadsheet anymore. You can create tools, calculators […]

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Exciting Charting Features of Excel 2013

Excel 2013 boasts of several new charting features that will enhance your productivity. The best thing about Excel 2013 charts is that you can make them with a few clicks. This is a major improvement over previous versions because making charts using Excel used to take lots of time and specialized knowledge. Also, Excel 2013 […]

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