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Savvy Spreadsheets was founded by Janet Kim Dagostino, an Excel geek with over 10 years of professional experience working with Excel. Janet received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from UC Berkeley, and has built her Excel knowledge from working in various industries such as consulting, finance, and fashion.

Janet’s professional experience has taught her that most people do not actually enjoy working in spreadsheets. She quickly learned that although there were a ton of Excel templates on the web, many of them were intimidating, too complex, or just plain boring. In other words, these templates were too “spreadsheet-y” and they felt like too much work.

Janet started to create bright and fun Excel templates that she herself would enjoy using, and she founded Savvy Spreadsheets in 2013 as an online resource for her user-friendly templates. In 2015, she expanded Savvy Spreadsheets to become a marketplace for other Excel experts to sell their own easy and approachable designs. Savvy Spreadsheets aims to become the go-to resource for practical and beautifully designed Excel templates that are actually fun to use. Shop Savvy Spreadsheets Excel templates.

someka square logoSomeka

Someka is the brainchild of Onur Yilmaz and Ozgur Bircan, two childhood friends from Istanbul, Turkey. Onur and Ozgur have backgrounds in engineering and finance, and extensive business experience working in departments such as pricing and competitive analysis.

After 10+ years of hands-on experience working in Excel, Onur and Ozgur decided to channel their knowledge into developing unique and creative Excel solutions. In 2015, they started selling their Excel templates under the name Someka, and in 2016 they opened their Someka shop under Savvy Spreadsheets. Onur and Ozgur’s knowledge and passion for Excel is readily apparent in each one of their products. Shop Someka Excel templates. Learn more about Someka.

Creative Excellence LogoCreative Excellence

Creative Excellence is run by Jason Waldner of the Northwoods of Wisconsin, who has designed spreadsheets for the vast array of industries he’s worked in. With his experience in retail, marketing, book publishing, video production, graphic and web design, construction, agriculture, and many others, Jason knows the types of spreadsheets that businesses really need.

Jason has been selling his Excel templates since 2015, and joined Savvy Spreadsheets in 2016. In addition to selling his templates through Creative Excellence Software, Jason is part owner of a construction/carpentry business as well as a book publishing business. Creative Excellence strives for excellence, quality, and ease, but most of all, strives to design programs that will make your business a success. Shop Creative Excellence Excel templates. Learn more about Creative Excellence.

Blackbird Visual Logo SquareBlackbird Visual

Blackbird Visual is owned by Alina Sharonov of Tel Aviv, Israel. Over the past decade, Alina has worked in government and small and large businesses. She has held various positions in research, analysis, and management, where she developed her Excel expertise.

Alina’s professional experience has taught her the importance of organization and presentation, which she incorporates seamlessly into each one of her Excel templates. Alina started Blackbird Visual in 2015, and joined the Savvy Spreadsheets team in 2016. Shop Blackbird Visual Excel templates.

Perennial Planner LogoPerennial Planner Spreadsheets

Perennial Planner Spreadsheets is managed by Sarah Gilcher, an expert in designing planning tools to help people stay organized. Sarah has been selling her printable PDF-based planners since 2013, and teamed up with Savvy Spreadsheets in 2015 to start selling her Excel-based planning tools. Sarah is a stay-at-home mother of three girls, and lives in Spokane, Washington.

With first-hand knowledge of the challenges that working mothers face, Sarah particularly enjoys helping the busy woman organize her home and family life. Through Perennial Planner Spreadsheets, she aims to create functional and beautiful tools for life management. Shop Perennial Planner Excel templates. Learn more about Perennial Planner.

Dazzle Us Logo SquareDazzle Us Solutions

Dazzle Us Solutions is owned by Darryl Devadason from Perth, Australia. As a management accountant in a large financial institution with experience in several diverse roles, Darryl developed a strong financial skillset and a passion for Excel.

Using his skills and expertise, Darryl aims to use Dazzle Us Solutions to bring simple, user friendly spreadsheets to people everywhere to better manage their finances. To achieve this vision, Darryl joined Savvy Spreadsheets in 2017. Shop Dazzle Us Solutions Excel templates. Learn more about Dazzle Us Solutions.